ONBUFF NEW – Platform introduction


The new ONBUFF platform is IP-NFT that utilizes major IPs through various global partnerships, It introduces NFT Marketplace where you can purchase S-NFT using spot products.

IP-NFT Product You can see IP-NFT products using the IP of its flagship partner.

IP-NFT Product Rank Onbuff IP-NFT products are currently in a total of five grades( Silver > Gold > Platinum > Diamond > Master ) and the value of the NFT product is given to each NFT product through Star Power and attributes.

Deck system using IP-NFT products Afterwards, we plan to open an IP-NFT card deck system that allows games to be played according to the ratings and attributes assigned to each product through the IP-NFT products issued.

TIP! Through the IP-NFT card deck system, a compensation system that actively utilizes the blockchain ecosystem will be established along with various amusments. Please participate in the bidding so that you can have a better IP-NFT card!

In addition, ONBUFF is working step by step on improving functions and convenience through continuous updates, and will provide functions prepared as soon as possible. We ask for more interest and participation in the news of the update that continues even after the opening of the NFT Marketplace.